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“what is there to say about a pool of water
too small to be called a pond
too small to have a name
reflecting heaven perfectly?

jennifer said it”

Harriet Korim Arnoldi  (Artist, Singer, Songwriter)



Art Statement for Pools: Mighty Plenitude



2015 MCC Wellfleet Grant Recipient- Jennifer Moller - POOLS: "Mighty Plentitute"

Poetry inspired by the "pools" published in by Anne Haven McDonnell

Click on the link to hear Annie read.


On the same stretch of road before the bridge,
before the tide seeps in, turns road to river,
before the tide drains out to crackling sedge and fiddler crabs,
she sets her tripod in the mudflats on the edge,
photographs those pools that emerge as eyes,
watching reeling clouds, a scissoring hawk, the turn
of hours in the sky. She bundles up for this
in every season—the salt marsh muted
in snow and slate-grey sky, summer’s sleepy
shock of green, fall burning in rust and reds,
and under the pools or washed up on the sand,
gleaming like gladiator helmets, those ancient
living fossils, horseshoe crabs with ten eyes
on their backs, hitched with barnacles and flags
of seaweed, vacuuming the sea floor to feed
their blue blood, their tails that mark the earth’s
spin to light and dark before fish had jaws
and plants had flowers and the land was filled with
a great mass of green that would become the fuel
for our brilliant speed and hunger. It’s a strange
time to be human. Oh, love song, oh witness,
those circles edged in salt grass, each spin,
each tide, we wait for those pools to emerge
as eyes, the horseshoe crabs invisible
under that reflected tossing sky.


pools images

Exhibit at Cynthia Reeves Gallery at the Barn in Walpole, New Hampshire - July 18th - August 22 - Artist Reception on August 15th from 5:30 -7:00


Artist Statement:
This is a series of photographic observations of small kettle ponds in a marsh on Cape Cod.  This exploration, which has extended over the course of several years, now consists of hundreds of images made in film, printed digitally.  The work celebrates the beauty and capaciousness of natural systems.

Specifically, this work is my response to the kettle pools’ remarkable ability to replenish and persist.  I have watched them closely through their yearly cycle of decay and rebirth, finding that they offer a mighty plentitude through their daily dynamic sea life, moving from high to low tide.  Through ongoing change, these forms remain adaptive, persistent, and ever-present, revealing so much of life.

Visiting this Cape Cod location over and over again for so many years has become a ritual of experiencing the edge between ocean and land.  This is where the sea, marine life, tidal grasses, foxes, and sometimes decaying bodies of dolphin and seagulls conjoin.  I have recorded these pools in various and extreme weather, tidal flows, and different times of day.  Making this body of work deepens my relation with the refuge of the natural world.

Having made my living as professional photographer, I am deeply comfortable with the fullness of this medium.  In addition, my working in an interdisciplinary mode is most beneficial.  This photographic series POOLS: mighty plentitude and the video titled seas, which I made years ago, share the same inspiration.  Each work is motivated by a desire for connection with the divine, and my own movement toward immanence, my collaborator is nature.

tidal immanence

Tidal Immanence: 11.2_May_16_2015

Tidal Immancence is a video projection of a tidal river filling and emptying. The time lapse compresses six hours into 3 minutes. The imagery is exhibited using two projections one image a mirror of the other. This work was done in May so there are horseshoe crabs mating and a plentitude of life present within this dynamic environment.  There are several time-lapse pieces in the series created at different times of the year. The high tide was 11feet 6 inches on May 16th, 2015.

Tidal Immanence: To see the video click here

POOLS: Mighty Plenitude at Cynthia Reeves Gallery: The Barn, 28 Main Street, Walpole, NH
July 18 - August 22 - Artist Reception on August 15, 2015